lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

The Wall Live stablishes new records

Next year Roger Waters will be building and destroying walls all over Oceania and South America. Nothing remarcable there. What is remarcable is the amazing amount of tickets he has sold in Argentina.

miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

5 songs of U2 which you have probably never listened to before

A lot of people (at least a lot of people I know) tend to think that the music of a band or singer is just what they have listened on the radio. HUGE MISTAKE. In my experience, the best songs of most decent musicians are unknown to the vast majority of the public. Most people will just  download the most popular songs and that´s it. In this way, ELO is Last Train to London, Pink Floyd is The Wall Part II (are there more parts of it? Wow!!!) and The Beatles are Help.

sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

The Sky Moves Sideways - Porcupine Tree

During the past year I began listening to Porcupine Tree. There are two albums that have striked mea lot and that I listen to regularly. One is Fear of a Blank Planet and the other one is The Sky Moves Sideways. I have already talked a bit about the first one in the post about PT (and surely I will make a post entirely devoted to it in the future) so now I would like to expand on the The Sky.
If you like Pink Floyd and you wonder how they could have sounded like have they begun playing in the ´90s instead of the ´60s, then this is an accurate proxy. Furthermore, the structure of the album is very similar to the one of Wish You Were Here (and for what I understand this has been made on purpose): it has 5 songs and the first and last are two parts of the same one, lasting +18 and +16 minutes each.

miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011


Coldplay is a rock band from London. As a matter of fact, they met and start playing together at the University College London. Short after ending up their studies, they got out thier first album. Thier appearance in the world musical scenario got a lot of people really thrilled. However, this emotion has been gradually fading out.

viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

Sites to learn to play music II

A month ago I made a post about some useful sites to learn to play an instrument. Today I bring you some more. It´s incredible how many people told me that they wanted to learn to play some instrument but didn´t have the money or time to take lessons with a teacher or assist to an university or a formal school. So, I´m glad this posts are helpful.

lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

Porcupine Tree

In my view, this is one of the most undervalued bands in history. Is not that they are not successful. Up to some extent they are, and at least many know that they exist. But they are SO GOOOOD that more people should take a while to listening to them. And by a while I am actually saying something like 6 months in which this band would have to be your main choice whenever you feel like listening to music.

jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

Depeche Mode

This is another band which has a very distinctive sound. It´s pretty easy to identify a Depeche Mode´s song when you listen to it for the first time. There are many reasons for it. 

jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

Playing for Change

Playing for a Change is a Project that uses music in order to get together people from different countries, religions and cultures. The idea is that music doesn´t follow any of these “logics” that are used as excusses for war, hate, etc. This way of understanding music is similar to the one that motivates the name of my blog. Hence, I think is a good idea for me to present you some of the stuff these guys have produced.

lunes, 20 de junio de 2011


It´s hard to find a simple description for U2. We could say that they are a band that has composed an enormous amount of hits. Probably, there is not another band which has so many songs known by so many people. Doing this, however, would not be fair to a great deal of songs that are not played on the radio or even by U2 itself in the concerts.

jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

Sites to learn to play music

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about some websites where one could fin courses on music. This were formal education courses. Now I bring some sites that are more "practical" since they are aimed at learning some of the fundamentals of music and at learning how to play an instrument. One of them may suit your needs. I´ve been learning to play the guitar for some time now and I have used this webs to get some valuable exercises and advices.
There are a lot more and I will post some of them later on. In this ocassion I leave you this ones:

lunes, 13 de junio de 2011


To my view, Muse is THE BAND of the last decade. Radiohead and Porcupine Tree have produced better things but of the bands that make their appearance in the 2000s, Muse is clearly the best. No doubt about it. In the years to come they will be the referential band and I´m pretty sure that in 30 years a lot of youngsters will say “fuck, I would have loved to be there to see Muse”. Well, kids, I wasn´t able to see Pink Floyd, so stop crying. Well thought, you haven´t as well, so cry the double.

jueves, 9 de junio de 2011


In my opinion, they are the second best band still active, only after Porcupine Tree. They are very innovative and dare to experiment, never get stuck and have songs that'll blow your head!, Thom Yorke's voice is quite unique and very good, despite what may seem at first impression. Greenwood's guitar is one of the bests these days.

lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

Brian Eno

I've noticed that there is a link between many of tha bands and musicians that I   admire: U2, Bowie, Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel and, more recently, Coldplay. What do all have in common? They have been influenced directly (in production or participating as a partner) by the great avant-garde music Pop: Brian Eno. This great english artist, like it or not, is responsible for many of our favorite records, no matter how they sound ... bright, distinct, unique. 

jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

King Crimson

When we talk about progressive rock we tend to place all groups in the same boat, when in reality there are many glaring differences between Pink Floyd or Genesis. And although it is a type of music that owes its greatest popularity to the group made by Waters and Gilmour, it is also true that, in my opinion, the progressive rock group that has remained more current and  has shown throughout his career a constant renewal that sets it apart from its other contemporaries is King Crimson.

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Music online courses

Today I bring a different point of view of music, which is, the teaching and learning. Many people tend to think that everyone can just grab a guitar, get together with some friends and have a go at music. But being able to play well an instrument and compose a beautiful tune is more than that. You need to be properly trained and to know the fundamentals of music theory.
However, not everyone has the time or money to attend to an university and get their college degree. In response to this, many universities have develop online classes so as to allow this people to get a good education. This courses are less expensive and allow you to administrate your time as you like.
Here you can find three sites that may make it easier for you to find a course that suits to your needs:

viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

Electric Light Orchestra

A group that I love. Sometimes excessive in his arrangements and production but has unforgettable songs. The creative genius was Jeff Lynne. They had a wide range of sounds since their instrumentation  was very versatile. This allowed them to jump from progressive rock to pop with a backgrounding classical overtone. This last was basically consisting on strings.

martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

The Police

I´ve known The Police since very little, since my parents had some compilations of Sting and The Police. I really dig into them when I was about 16 and they quite blew my head. This was due to the fact that even though I knew their hits, I haven´t listened to their studio CDs in which you can find very interesting an unique things. They have some experimental songs in all of their CDs, combined with some classics. For instance, in their first CD, Outlandos d´Amour, they have classics such as Roxanne and Can´t Stand Losing you along with really extrange ones such as the last two, Be my girl and Masoko Tanga.

viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Pink Floyd

What can a guy like me say about this HUGE band. No doubt about it: these people took Rock further and higher than anybody else. There´s no one who can be compared to them. Some will say that The Beatles are a bigger band but those who say so haven´t really listen to Pink Floyd. For me, listening to them is like going into a music therapy. Some argue that their music is depressing, but in my case, it helps me to feel better when I´m feeling down.

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Soda Stereo

This is the band I have listened to the most. And it is also the iconic iberoamerican rock band. They generated a revolution in Latin America when they first gave concerts through it in 1987 and influenced decens of bands and musicians, especially in Mexico. Before them, the rock sang in spanish almost didn´t exist, besides for Argentina. But afterwards many people thought that if this argentinean fellas could do it, then they also could.