lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Music online courses

Today I bring a different point of view of music, which is, the teaching and learning. Many people tend to think that everyone can just grab a guitar, get together with some friends and have a go at music. But being able to play well an instrument and compose a beautiful tune is more than that. You need to be properly trained and to know the fundamentals of music theory.
However, not everyone has the time or money to attend to an university and get their college degree. In response to this, many universities have develop online classes so as to allow this people to get a good education. This courses are less expensive and allow you to administrate your time as you like.
Here you can find three sites that may make it easier for you to find a course that suits to your needs:

- offers degrees in many fields related to music. This are:
K-12 Music teacher
Music director
Musical historian
Instrument designer
Piano tuner
Band/choir director
 So, if you are interested in working in the music field and need a degree which you can obtaing fast, this is a great option.

- is another website with a big data base covering different areas, including music. Here you will find a large list of prestigious universities offering courses and degrees related to music.

- Another site with a vast offer in courses is The web page can be navigated easily and you will find the degrees that could suit you quickly. In case you´re an anxious person, here I leave you the link to the list of music courses:

- As far as specific universities are concerned, one of the most prestigious is The Boston University School of Music, established in 1872. It has been pioneer in music education in the United States and has produced some of the world's greatest musical minds. Some years ago they have added the possibility to get their degrees by online courses. I have found great reviews and therefore I give you the link:

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  1. i think good music requires both talent and lots of practice

  2. Awesome! I always want it to go to music class school but i am low on cash :/

  3. Good info not real sure how I feel about online classes I guess I'm just told fashion and like to have a teacher in front of me

  4. Thanks for sharing, have thought about doing an online music class just even a basic one so I can get into reading sheet music still using tablature

  5. music online courses are great there is a alot of online universities that offer these types of courses. im enrolled in a violin class.

  6. Very good information and writeup keep them coming!