lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Music online courses

Today I bring a different point of view of music, which is, the teaching and learning. Many people tend to think that everyone can just grab a guitar, get together with some friends and have a go at music. But being able to play well an instrument and compose a beautiful tune is more than that. You need to be properly trained and to know the fundamentals of music theory.
However, not everyone has the time or money to attend to an university and get their college degree. In response to this, many universities have develop online classes so as to allow this people to get a good education. This courses are less expensive and allow you to administrate your time as you like.
Here you can find three sites that may make it easier for you to find a course that suits to your needs:

viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

Electric Light Orchestra

A group that I love. Sometimes excessive in his arrangements and production but has unforgettable songs. The creative genius was Jeff Lynne. They had a wide range of sounds since their instrumentation  was very versatile. This allowed them to jump from progressive rock to pop with a backgrounding classical overtone. This last was basically consisting on strings.

martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

The Police

I´ve known The Police since very little, since my parents had some compilations of Sting and The Police. I really dig into them when I was about 16 and they quite blew my head. This was due to the fact that even though I knew their hits, I haven´t listened to their studio CDs in which you can find very interesting an unique things. They have some experimental songs in all of their CDs, combined with some classics. For instance, in their first CD, Outlandos d´Amour, they have classics such as Roxanne and Can´t Stand Losing you along with really extrange ones such as the last two, Be my girl and Masoko Tanga.

viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Pink Floyd

What can a guy like me say about this HUGE band. No doubt about it: these people took Rock further and higher than anybody else. There´s no one who can be compared to them. Some will say that The Beatles are a bigger band but those who say so haven´t really listen to Pink Floyd. For me, listening to them is like going into a music therapy. Some argue that their music is depressing, but in my case, it helps me to feel better when I´m feeling down.

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Soda Stereo

This is the band I have listened to the most. And it is also the iconic iberoamerican rock band. They generated a revolution in Latin America when they first gave concerts through it in 1987 and influenced decens of bands and musicians, especially in Mexico. Before them, the rock sang in spanish almost didn´t exist, besides for Argentina. But afterwards many people thought that if this argentinean fellas could do it, then they also could.