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Soda Stereo

This is the band I have listened to the most. And it is also the iconic iberoamerican rock band. They generated a revolution in Latin America when they first gave concerts through it in 1987 and influenced decens of bands and musicians, especially in Mexico. Before them, the rock sang in spanish almost didn´t exist, besides for Argentina. But afterwards many people thought that if this argentinean fellas could do it, then they also could.
I began listening to them whem I was 11 and they shaped the way I understand music: for me the guitar is played as Cerati plays it, the bass is played as Zeta does it and the drums, well, you get the picture. 
Of course, I have added a lot of other bands and musicians to my "playlist" and nowadays I don´t listen Soda so much. But now and then I put one of their CDs and I discover new details and possible interpretations of their songs. I would add that listening them live is quite amazing. They used to change their old songs to the style of the CD they were presenting. Doing so, they managed to creat 2 or 3 very different versions of most of their songs and also to make an unique experience of each set of gigs.
The band was formed in 1983. Cerati and Zeta knew each other from college. They were both studying advertising and they shared not only a similar taste for music but also for graphic design.
I strongly recommend El Ultimo Concierto and Dynamo. The first one are two CDs with the recordings of their last gigs (not including their 2007 reunion). Even though the relationship between them was bad they managed to remake most of the songs they played with a clear influence from Pink Floyd and an exquisite instrumentation.

The other CD is a master piece. Is a 1992 CD that I consider is at the vanguard of rock in the entire world. The sound is pretty much unique and I haven´t been able to found another band with that style. Many say that Screamadelic is similar but to me the only thing similar is experimentation on some synthetizers used.
In 2007 they got reunited 10 years after their last concert. They made presentations through the entire continent, with 22 gigs (all of them sold out) in 3 months, 6 of which were at River Plate´s stadium in Buenos Aires, surpassing the record that The Rolling Stones had with 5 presentations in a row.
Enjoy it!
I leave you some videos of them playing some of their best songs live. First, En la ciudad de la furia, beautiful and mgnific song. Second, En remolinos, a song from Dynamo. Last but not least, De música Ligera, their most famous song. Everybody knows it in Latin America. 

En la ciudad de la furia - Último concierto

En Remolinos - Me verás volver 

De música ligera - Último concierto

Basic formation:
Gustavo Cerati (guitar and vocals)
Zeta Bosio (base, chorus)
Charly Alberti (drum and percusion)

1984 - Soda Stereo
1985 - Nada Personal
1986 - Signos
1987 - Ruido Blanco (live)
1988 - Doble Vida
1989 - Languis (EP)
1990 - Canción Animal
1991 - Rex Mix (EP)
1992 - Dynamo
1993 - Colores Santos
1994 - 20 Grandes Éxitos (compilation)
1995 - Sueño Stereo
1996 - Confort y música para volar (MTV Unplugged)
1997 - Chau Soda (compilation)
1997 - El Último Concierto (live)
2008 - Me verás volver (live)

1988 - Ruido Blanco
1991 - Canción Animada
2004 - Una Parte de la Euforia
2005 - El Último Concierto
2007 - Confort y Música para Volar
2008 - Me Verás Volver

Related websites:
Soda Stereo (http://sodastereo.com/)
Gustavo Cerati (http://www.cerati.com/)
Zeta Bosio (http://www.zetabosio.net/)
Charly Alberti (http://www.charlyalberti.com/)

A fans site I visit to get some knews about the band´s members: http://www.zonadepromesasweb.com.ar/zdpweb/

Wikipedia says:

Soda Stereo were an Argentine rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Were one of the most influential and important rock bands of all time of the hispanic music and of the latin rock. They were a power trio made up of singer-songwriter and guitarist Gustavo Cerati, Hector "Zeta" Bosio on bass, and Carlos Alberto Ficicchia (Charly Alberti) on drums. Their career spanned from 1984–1997, and was followed up by a short comeback tour in 2007-2008. Soda Stereo began as a new wave outfit influenced by The Police, The Specials, Television, The Cure, XTC, and Argentine rock. Their music evolved toward a heavier alternative rock sound throughout the 90’s, eventually drawing influences from classic rock, shoegaze, and Britpop.
Soda Stereo were the first Latin rock group to achieve success throughout the whole of South and Central America, where they have sold more than 7 million copies alone. They helped popularize the musical genres Rock En Español, Ibero-American Rock, and Latin Rock genres to a mainstream audience. The band established what would become the template for many other popular Spanish-speaking rock music groups. Soda Stereo has topped the all time lists in much of Latin America and in their native Argentina, where they set landmarks in record sales and concert attendances. In 2002 Soda Stereo was awarded the Legend Prize by MTV Latin America, the first prize to be awarded of its kind.

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