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Depeche Mode

This is another band which has a very distinctive sound. It´s pretty easy to identify a Depeche Mode´s song when you listen to it for the first time. There are many reasons for it. 
To begin with, they are the most successful group of electronic music. But what is important is the reason why this success came in the first place. The explanation I find is that they managed to combine electronic music and all the instrumentation associated with it, with  some rock structures. By doing so, they attracted a wide range of public who, otherwise, wouldn´t have been interested in a mere electro/pop band. The changed, which basically came in the 90´s, allowed them to make an evolution and don´t get stuck in what they were doing. This might be what happened to other groups that were in the same movement, such as Erasure. Depeche sound a bit too soft in their first CDs. In this first period they were very associated with Electro Pop and Electro Dance, as I have implied, as long as some New Wave and Rock/Pop.
For me, the best begins with Violator, their most resound record. The 90´s brought the beginning of the Electro Rock “era”. It presents their two greatest hits: Personal Jesus and Enjoy the silence. It also includes some amazing songs such as Policy of truth and The World in my eyes. This last one really shakes your body. Dave Gahan´s voice is sooo powerful. Actually, Dave´s began here to make his voice sound more dramatic, giving some songs a very dark style, which I absolutely love. In my opinion, he is the best rock singer after Freddy Mercury.
Next it came an AMAZING CD, that is not as known as Violator but for me it is better. It´s called Songs of Faith and Devotion. You have to listen to it from the beginning to the end because if you don´t do it this way you will miss a lot of things. The climates of songs changes here and now and this walk you through a path. It doesn’t has the hits that Violator does but the whole is best accomplished. Some moments, such as the  part formed by Condemnation and Mercy in You are epic. This two songs are the ones where religion, which is the main theme of the CD, is more visible; they even sound a bit like gospel. Plus, I don´t think that there is a song such as In Your Room in any other Depeche´s record.
Ultra and Exciter still have a rock influence that is quite noticeable. In Playing the Angel there is a return to pop but the dark atmosphere is still there. Their last record is Sound of the Universe and here pop is back again at full speed. I haven´t enjoy it but it is still a Depeche Mode´s record.

Some videos:

Enjoy the silence

In your room

Wrong + Walking in my shoes

Never let me down again

Band Members:
Martin Gore (guitar, vocals, keyboards, piano and many other things. He is the main composer)
Dave Gahan (vocals. He sings like hell!!!!)
Andrew Fletcher (synthesizers, bass, vocals)

Former members:
Alan Wilder

1981 – Speak & Spell
1982 – A Broken Frame
1983 – Construction Time Again
1984 – Some Great Reward
1986 – Black Celebration
1987 – Music for the Masses
1990 – Violator
1993 – Songs of Faith and Devotion
1997 – Ultra
2001 – Exciter
2005 – Playing the Angel
2009 – Sounds of the Universe

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  1. Oh yeah they got some great tracks! :)
    Remind me of some good times....

  2. Man I can't listen to them or I get too depressed.

  3. Depeche mode is awesome. I love them

  4. Awesome band, I can't believe I haven't heard of them before.

  5. nice tunes, black celebretions is the best album, trust me :D