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To my view, Muse is THE BAND of the last decade. Radiohead and Porcupine Tree have produced better things but of the bands that make their appearance in the 2000s, Muse is clearly the best. No doubt about it. In the years to come they will be the referential band and I´m pretty sure that in 30 years a lot of youngsters will say “fuck, I would have loved to be there to see Muse”. Well, kids, I wasn´t able to see Pink Floyd, so stop crying. Well thought, you haven´t as well, so cry the double.

The front man is Matthew Bellamy, who is one of those human beings who seems to have come from other galaxy. I say this because he plays the guitar extraordinarily, sings very well and has the brain specially designed to compose music. He has some classical formation and in fact this is reflected in his music since many Muse´s songs have a distinctive classic style played by Bellamy in the piano. Even more, in Space dementia, from their second LP Origin of Symmetry, the beginning is a passage from the first piano concerto by Rachmaninov. I´m not sure, but there are many other passages that brings classical music from those years (the early twentieth century) to my mind.
The originality of this band is that they combine this with rock, some punk now and then and a very crude and direct sound that kicks your head, I can assure you. The voice of Bellamy and the way he sings can vary from a rending cry to a sublime interpretation.
The style have changed a bit since the start. At the beginning they were pretty hard, at least for me. They have soften a bit on their last 2 CDs but they still sound sweeping. This happens to many bands: at first, in order to give the listener a good slap, they get quite noisy. But then, when they improve their compositions, this is no longer necessary and the hard-rock part is used as a seasoning and not as the main attraction of the song.
This is very clear on their last CD, The Resistance. Here you can even find some pop fragrance. But the amazing thing of this one is that the last 3 songs are a mini-symphony which I strongly recommend. Bellamy has stated that he had been working in this for almost his entire live. When you listen to it you feel grateful about being able to listen to the effort and inspiration of a fucking genius put into 13 minutes.
Finally I would like to add that I have seen them live 2 months ago for the first time. I must say that what you can picture by listening to their recordings doesn´t pay tribute to what this guys make in live presentations. I have never heard something so beautifully shocking. It were just 8 songs since they played as openers for U2 (yes, I saw U2 and Muse in the same night) but they kick everyone´s asses. The drummer is a beast and together with the bassist form a strong bass on which Bellamy can do his thing. The coordination of the band is remarkable.
Some videos:
Knights of Cydonia (Live at Wembley 2007) – The definition of rock


Exogenesis (Complete Symphony)

Sing for absolution (Beautiful and touching song)

Band Members:
Matthew Bellamy (leading vocals, guitar, piano)
Dominic Howard) (drums)

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  1. Definitely one of the greatest bands nowadays!

  2. One of my favorite Muse songs is Stockholm Syndrome. They're really good.

  3. theyre one of the greatest bands of today!

  4. Love these guys, Uprising & Time Is Running Out are my favourite songs :)

  5. Got to agree with you. Muse is excellent. And Undisclosed Desires from their Resistance album is one of my favourite songs of all time.

  6. Awsome band saw them live last year... Can't wait to check them out again!

  7. I love listening to Muse from time to time, I don't regularly listen to them though. Awesome post.

  8. i love Muse! Knights of Cydonia baby

  9. I like muse, saw them at Rock in Rio last year!

  10. I personally think that they've made a few great songs, but a lot of their songs suck (for example, practically all of "The Resistance")

  11. Muse is great. More people need to listen to em!