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Brian Eno

I've noticed that there is a link between many of tha bands and musicians that I   admire: U2, Bowie, Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel and, more recently, Coldplay. What do all have in common? They have been influenced directly (in production or participating as a partner) by the great avant-garde music Pop: Brian Eno. This great english artist, like it or not, is responsible for many of our favorite records, no matter how they sound ... bright, distinct, unique. 

The most popular work he has made is his contribution as a producer for U2, along with Lanois, but there is a lot more to acknowledge. For instance, we have his work with Bowie's famous Berlin Trilogy discs, Low, Heroes and Lodger. We also have his participation in most of Talking Heads discs.
Talking to people, I´ve come to realize that very few have heard of him. Even fewer have heard any of his own material, despite he is a very prolofic musician. If I had to recommend some of this I would say that you should listen to the 4 discs after leaving Roxy Music.  Now if you want something “cooler”, you could listen to the ambient records  (I must say that Eno was the creator of the concept of “ambient music”) as "music for airports", "music for films" or "evening star" with Robert Fripp.

Well, for those unfamiliar with some of the huge (and sometimos difficult) work of Brian Eno, here are a gem corresponding  the album "Evening Star" done in collaboration with Robert Fripp. The disc  is from 1975:

Another little gem of Eno. This cooresponde the album he did with the John Cale (Velvet Underground):

1973 (No Pussyfooting) (con Robert Fripp)
1973 Here Come The Warm Jets
1974 Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
1975 Evening Star (con Robert Fripp)
1975 Another Green World
1975 Discreet Music
1978 Before and After Science
1978 Ambient #1 / Music for Airports
1978 Music for Films
1978 After the Heat
1980 Ambient #2 / The Plateaux of Mirror (con Harold Budd)
1981 Ambient #3 / Day of Radiance
1981 My Life In The Bush of Ghosts (con David Byrne)
1981 Empty Landscapes
1982 Ambient #4 / On Land
1983 Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks
1983 Music for Films, Vol. 2
1984 The Pearl (con Harold Budd)
1985 Begegnungen II
1985 Thursday Afternoon
1988 Music for Films, Vol. 3
1989 Textures
1990 Wrong Way Up (con John Cale)
1992 Nerve Net
1992 The Shutov Assembly
1993 Neroli
1993 Robert Sheckley's In a Land of Clear Colours
1994 Headcandy
1995 Spinner (con Jah Wobble)
1997 The Drop
1997 Extracts From Music for White Cube
2001 Drawn From Life (con Peter Schwalm)
2004 The Equatorial Stars (con Robert Fripp)
2005 Another Day on Earth
2008 Corporate Cannibal (con Grace Jones)
2008 Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (con David Byrne)
2009 "The Lovely Bones" soundtrack
2010 "Small Craft on a Milk Sea"

Since his work as a producer has been very important we should list all of his participations in other people´s CDs. But as this would make my post endless, I paste this link in which you will see the hole list of discs in which he has worked:

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  1. Very good songs. I have heard a lot of those.

  2. Really good stuff on there, I like it!

  3. very inspirational music from all and respect definitely goes to Brian Eno. Love to hear some avant-garde every now and then some trippy but good listening

  4. To be honest I hadn't heard of him either until just now reading your blog. Thanks for sharing the music videos on the page as well that way I didn't have to youtube them myself.

  5. Very nice choice of music, and to tell you the truth, I am guilty as well of having never heard of these artists. These songs seem very relaxing and I could actually concentrate with it playing in the background. I love this very much! Thank you for exposing me to this new genre!

  6. Wow great article. I love Eno, he is one of the most talented people of our time I think.

  7. Interesting... it's weird to think who got who into the music industry... I wonder who started rock altogether?

  8. I have heard a lot of these and I like most of them. Good info to know thanks

  9. I liked Roxy Music but not much of a fan of Brian Eno