lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

The Wall Live stablishes new records

Next year Roger Waters will be building and destroying walls all over Oceania and South America. Nothing remarcable there. What is remarcable is the amazing amount of tickets he has sold in Argentina.

So far, he will be playing night times in a row (with some days in the middle to rest) in the Monumental Stadium of Buenos Aires. You must have never heared of this, but in it there´s room for 45.000-50.000 people sitting. This makes some 350.000 spectators that will listen and watch the sufferings of our poor friend Pink.
Apparently, no more dates will be added despite the fact that the last two were sold in less than two days. Given the fact that the brazilean dates had already been re-scheduled in order to make room for more argentinean concerts, we can expect a couple more nights of airplanes crushing in the middle of Buenos Aires.
With this frentic selling (all that happened in 120 hours of opened selling) he has obtain a new record, not only for concerts in Argentina but for his carreer as well. In Argentina, the best selling band was the local Soda Stereo, which filled 6 Monumental during his reunion tour in 2007. Before them, The Rolling Stones had managed to sell out 5 in two different tours (1995 Voodoo Loung Tour and 1998 Bridges to Babylon Tour). We must say that this two bands played with part of the audience standing, which expands the amount of public to 65.000. But still, Waters´ tickets are far more expensive.
As far as his own records are concerned, he had never played 8 times in a row in the same stadium (I think he had played these many times but in a much smaller arena).
Fortunately I got my ticket but only for one night (I was wishing to go to two different concerts to appreciate it better). How I wish it were march…

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  1. That's almost unbelievable... you might be killed in the crowds! xD

  2. I love Waters!! Lucky argentinian :)

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