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5 songs of U2 which you have probably never listened to before

A lot of people (at least a lot of people I know) tend to think that the music of a band or singer is just what they have listened on the radio. HUGE MISTAKE. In my experience, the best songs of most decent musicians are unknown to the vast majority of the public. Most people will just  download the most popular songs and that´s it. In this way, ELO is Last Train to London, Pink Floyd is The Wall Part II (are there more parts of it? Wow!!!) and The Beatles are Help.
This is particularly true in the case of U2. A lot of people thinks that they haven´t made anything sublime. Well, you are wrong. U2 have made a lot to generate this believe since in their concerts they dont play much of their best songs. They have become such a monster thanks to their hits that now they have to keep playing the same songs over and over again.
Therefore, I want to present 5 songs of U2 which you have probably never listened to before. I hope you´ll enjoy them.

Zooropa (from Zooropa – 1993)
The beggining of the absolutely unique álbum with the same name. The lyrics are very ingenious and they are a criticism to Europe and what the consumerism have made of it. All the fraces are slogans of companies. The first one is of Audi.
The music itself is marvellous. The changes in the rythems, the sound effects that wraps you, the very Edgy guitar with those eco effects…

 Acrobat (from Acthung Baby – 1991)
If someone says that this is the more undervalued song by U2, well, I may agree. I think they never played it after the ZooTV tour. The ambientation is very dramatic, and this is thanks both to the music and the lyrics. Even if you don´t understand english you can tell that something serious is going on. I think that there is a criticism to the media in the lyrics, but that´s my interpretation. Finally, it has a great solo and a great ending. Actually, the beggining is also very well suited for the song. Well, everything is perfect. Fucking listen to it!!!

 Fez (from No Line on the Horizon – 2009)
If you want to know what U2 is capable of, listen to Fez. If they would wanted so, they could be an amazing alternative rock band. Fez is the eight song of their last álbum, No Line on the Horizon. It is also a city of Morroco where they recorded this album. It is hard to describe with Word but you can´t argue that it is not a fantastic tune.

 Crums From your Table (from How to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb - 2004)
Irony again people. Most people take U2 songs literaly but they are wrong. Many of them have a deeper message beneath what may seem a couple quarreling. In this case, Bono talks about the refugee and AIDs camps all over Africa. It talks about political and religious groups that talk about god and life but refuse to give Money to help, that promise relief for this people but never deliver, that speculate with time as if this people could wait.
In addition to this, the music is great. A very catchy tune with a great guitar riff.

 Bad (from The Unforgeattable Fire - 1984)
Last but not least, Bad. The music of it caress your ears. It is quite long and it sounds like a very simple tune but at the same time you always find something new to pay attention. Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy music in its absolute purity.

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  1. You're right. I never listened to those songs from U2... Thanks for sharing :D

  2. iv only heard 2 of those, nice post thanks for sharing :)

  3. Heard only one!

    I love U2, going to enjoy listening to this.


  4. I had never heard them until now, awesome songs! Made me change the way I percieved U2.

    Great blog as well. Following you!

  5. zooropa is the song that introduced me to U2, the old casete tape iw ould listen it back to back during the day XD, that and several heavy metal bands, i have a wide taste in music!